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Chapter 1.

The days were getting shorter,and the crisp cool fall air shiverd with every wind blow. The smell of the wet leaves was letting us know that winter was almost near. This was all just the way i like it most people wouldnt be able to understand. I was woken by a small voice at 2:00 am saying, "I know you can hear me fall my voice child and all will be ok". I thought i was dreaming that shit but turns out i heard this voice. Yes I was scared all the hair from top to bottom were standing on edge like lightning just hit near by. My heart was beatting like a thousand drums. What could this be i wonder. So I decided to grab the flash light i kept in case of emergencys not like i was afraid of the dark or anything. I had to creep down the first sets of stairs and hope I didnt wake mom and dad. Sure enought i almost made down the whole set but the last step had to creek. Mom asked "Where are you going this time of night?", and my replie "out for a smoke mom?". Yeah that was my new habbit. So I went outside and still heard that voice and of course I followed it. The voice was sincere and mellow and very quite easing after the first 5 minutes of hearing it. It was leading me down to the path along the rivers edge. Why oh why was it leading me here this was quite the mistory.


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I draw for the fun in it.. My mind is like a book so i try to draw what i am thinking or even feeling.. I love the outdoors to me its a work of art in its own.. Especially the places no one has seen..
I have been trying to better my self lately..  I hit the bag everyday or least try too.. Figures it would help with my heart and all. I just seems that a part of me is yet not satisfied. I mean i feel great and all, but yet there is still something that drags me down oh yeah depression. I know back when i was a kid I fought with it. People thought it was a joke. Well now that i am older and wiser it seems the thoughts and my attitude change alot. One day i am ok the next i am miserable. I look in the mirror and see the same kid ive know forever. I am fighting me and myself all the time its a continuous battle.  I am not asking for help or sympathy just understanding.  For instance when i was in school i got into alot of fights. I am not a fighter I will not start a fight and I rather just walk away. There were times were i had to stand up for who i was. Most of the fights though i didnt see the other person i saw me. It was like i was beating the crap out of what ever demons were in me.  Well anyways when I punch the bag I still see me I still am fighting the same person ive been fighting my whole life sure life was hard and all. I just wish one day i could no longer fight me but instead fight the things that are really going on.  Its not easy being strong its not easy pretending you feel nothing and then when the door closes you finally brake down. So all i am doing is ranting.. So i guess what i am saying is were do you find strength when you whole life you had to be strong? 

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